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  • Dyckman Brew

    Style: Pilsner
    ABV: 5.0%

    Una Vaina Bien. Dyckman Brew is cool fermented and aged for six weeks to create an exceedingly balanced flavor. It’s smooth, rich, and citrusy.

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  • Highbridge Summer Ale

    Style: Belgian Wheat
    ABV: 4.6%

    This belgium-style unfiltered ale is light-bodied, fruity, and refreshing. Infused with ripened cerezas, and a subtle hint of mint.

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  • ÉPOCA / Saison

    Style: Saison
    ABV: 6.5%

    ÉPOCA combines the rustic flavor with the refreshing tartness of chinola. This unique ale is fermented in wine barrels to add delectable complexity.

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  • About Us

    At Dyckman Beer Co., we craft beers inspired by the flavors, the people, and the culture of Uptown and it’s surrounding neighborhoods.

    We aim to elevate the beer standard Uptown to a level deserving of those that call it home. Our beers are created with respect for the brewing craft and an edge of rebellion against the weak and watered-down. We believe that beer is an experience. Each bottle is a moment to be savoured, a dose of courage, a relief from chaos, or a soul-bending indulgence. We take pride in our beer. We love our beer, and we hope you do too.

    Born in Dominican Republic, moving to New York City at the age 5, and raised by a single mother, Juan J. Camilo started Dyckman Beer Co. in 2012 with a goal to create premium beers that will be a source of great pride for Uptown and its surrounding communities. Armed with recipes reflecting the taste and spirit of Uptown, subtly infused with Dominican flavors, Juan set out to give Uptown NYC a beer they could call their own. Dyckman Beer Co. was born.





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